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Bryan Helmkamp, @brynary
Co-Founder, Code Climate
Key Features


More reliable message processing.

Cloud environments are noisy and unreliable. Seeing timeouts? Wild swings in latency or performance? Ruby VM crashes or processes disappearing?

If a Sidekiq process crashes while processing a job, that job is lost.

If the Sidekiq client gets a networking error while pushing a job to Redis, an exception is raised and the job is not delivered.

Sidekiq Pro uses Redis's RPOPLPUSH command to ensure that jobs will not be lost if the process crashes or gets a KILL signal.

The Sidekiq Pro client can withstand transient Redis outages or timeouts. It will enqueue jobs locally upon error and attempt to deliver those jobs once connectivity is restored.


Group jobs into a set and follow their progress.

Create a set of jobs which can be tracked as a group, programmatically or within the Sidekiq Web interface. You can see success and failure counts along with error information for failed jobs within the batch.

Batches can fire a callback when all jobs are complete, allowing much more complex job workflows than Sidekiq.


Priority support from the author of Sidekiq.

Background processing is a major component of your application. Guarantee direct access to a Sidekiq expert. Your subscription gives you priority support for any unforeseen issues.

Product Details


Sidekiq Pro contains the following functionality:

  • Enable more complex job workflows with Batches and Callbacks
  • Better server reliability in the face of Ruby VM crashes
  • Better client reliability in the face of Redis networking problems
  • Pause queues (e.g. only process a queue during business hours)
  • Expire unprocessed jobs after a deadline
  • Send job processing metrics to Statsd
  • High performance API extensions using Redis's Lua support
  • Search for jobs in the Web UI


Detailed documentation about configuring and using each feature can be found in the Sidekiq wiki. Read the Commercial FAQ for further detail.


Your subscription gives you priority email support for any issues which might arise.

Sales of Sidekiq Pro also benefit the community by ensuring that Sidekiq itself will remain well supported for the foreseeable future.


When you buy Sidekiq Pro, we email you credentials associated with your subscription. You configure Bundler to use these credentials so it can download the commercial gems from our private gem server. You configure and use Sidekiq Pro exactly like you would Sidekiq.

Pro tip: use a mailing list for your email when purchasing to ensure you get critical email updates, even if employees leave the company.


Sidekiq Pro will receive bug fixes and new functionality over time. All upgrades will be free to subscribers with a simple bundle up sidekiq-pro. See the changelog for more detail.


Sidekiq is available under the terms of the GNU LGPLv3 license.

In addition to its useful functionality, buying Sidekiq Pro grants your organization a Sidekiq commercial license instead of the GNU LGPL, avoiding any legal issues your lawyers might raise. Please see the Commercial FAQ for further detail on licensing including options for distributing Sidekiq Pro with your own products.

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