Get the entire set of functionality needed by large scale applications, all integrated into one easy to use framework.

"Sidekiq is the first tool I reach for in new apps—and the last one I have to tune when they grow to demand massive data processing."

Christopher Keele, @christhekeele
VP Development, United Networks of America
Key Features

Rate Limiting

Slow your roll, speed demon!

With the Rate Limiting API, you select the style of limiting and set the threshold. Your code will pause or retry later if it exceeds the specified rate limits.

Periodic Jobs

Cron jobs made easy

Cron jobs are quite common in server applications but they're painful to debug and make for a single point of failure.

With Sidekiq Enterprise, periodic jobs become simple to create and easy to debug. No more fighting Unix paths, permissions and bash. No more special machine devoted to cron; instead your periodic jobs scale across all your Sidekiq processes.


Keep your customer-sensitive data secret

Sometimes jobs will need sensitive data and regulations require protecting that data when at rest. Sidekiq Enterprise can transparently encrypt and decrypt sensitive data in your jobs.

Product Details


Sidekiq Enterprise contains the following functionality:

  • Encryption
  • Rate Limiting
  • Periodic Jobs
  • Unique Jobs
  • Historical Metrics
  • Multi-Core Processing
  • Rolling Restarts
  • All Sidekiq Pro features


Detailed documentation about configuring and using each Enterprise feature can be found in the Sidekiq wiki. Read the Commercial FAQ for further detail.


Your subscription gives you priority email support for any issues which might arise.

Sales of Sidekiq Enterprise also benefit the community by ensuring that Sidekiq itself will remain well supported for the foreseeable future.

Customers are welcome to stop by the Friday office hour for help tuning Sidekiq Enterprise for their application.


When you buy Sidekiq Enterprise, we email you credentials associated with your subscription. You configure Bundler to use these credentials so it can download the commercial gems from our private gem server. You configure and use Sidekiq Enterprise exactly like you would Sidekiq.

Pro tip: use a mailing list for your email when purchasing to ensure you get critical email updates, even if employees leave the company.


Sidekiq Enterprise will receive bug fixes and new functionality over time. All upgrades will be free to subscribers with a simple bundle up sidekiq-ent. See the changelog for more detail.


Sidekiq is available under the terms of the GNU LGPLv3 license.

In addition to its useful functionality, buying Sidekiq Enterprise grants your organization a Sidekiq commercial license instead of the GNU LGPL, avoiding any legal issues your lawyers might raise. Please see the Commercial FAQ for further detail on licensing including options for distributing Sidekiq Enterprise with your own products.

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